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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 25, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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♪ a sky diver plans to swoop down into a pool. so -- >> he starts pulling a sharp left turn. >> why that leads to the sharp pain of a broken leg. >> remember getting ought the wind knocked out of me and saying, oh! >> a robber tries to hold up a jewelry store but a hero is close at hand. how he let's his feet do the talking. >> yes. >> at 102 years old, this former chorus girl has seen a lot of things but -- >> she has never seen herself on camera dancing. >> the remarkable moment she
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finally gets the chance. >> he has a weird bump on his wrist. >> this guy is going to self-medicate. self-medicate. >> i find so much satisfaction watching peoplequeeze stuff out of this. >> i don't know. diving videos where things go wrong. for once it is quite refreshing to see this video where everything is going according to plan. we are riding with david ober. the parachute is open. the lines are twisted. we are going for some swooping ladies and gentlemen. you can see it right down there, the runway. next to it the area of sand and a long pool. he is going to swoop along and look very, very cool. start pulling a sharp left turn to start spiraling down on to it so we can get the perfect line to run up there. >> he also drops really fast. >> it does it extremely fast.
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everything is going according to plan but absolutely not. >> no, no. >> he just bounced right off the ground and into the water. >> oh! no. >> that was a really big impact. of course he broke his leg. >> i'm glad he bounced into the water. that provided another cushion so he didn't break his other feeler. >> we have david live vie ya skype. hello. >> you were just in surgery. how are you? >> all things considered i'm doing pretty good. i'm happy to be alive. >> you p went down too fast as you were spiraling down. >> it was a fairly good setup for the run. i didn't give enough input in time to take the parachute down before i hit the ground. >> what was that impact like? >> it went by so fast i couldn't really tell you.
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i remember getting all the wind knocked out of me. after he hit, i was still conscious. i continued to fly the parachute the best i could to he so the second impact was in the water and not on land. >> what did you think when you went back and saw this video and saw that impact? >> i feel lucky to be alive. i have seen a lot of people in the sport have similar impacts and not make it or fair much worse than i did. >> the only thing that happened is the broken leg? >> that is my only injury the broken leg. it snapped in half. a break and i have a titanium rod in the leg. >> your doctor said you will be cleared it do do this when? >> probably in eight weeks. >> so you are going to go back at it? >> why not? ♪ >> some incredible people helping a regal bird.
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this video coming from tacoma washington. we are inside blue pearl veterinary partners. a doctor is about to operate on this regal bird. that is a bald eagle. she was injured. listen to this. she was struck by a semi truck and caught in that side-view mirror with a fractured wing. >> the for heaven's sake rescue brought the bird into the veterinarian center, an emergency center. we are seeing dr. stephanie lister gray performing this incredibly delicate surgery. the left wing is frac jurdtured. what she is doing is attaching an acrylic frame to the bone in the bird's wing. the doctor says she has to be incredibly precise because birds heal really quickly. she wants to make sure this wing
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heals properly so it doesn't affect the bird's ability to fly. they will be able to remove the pins and release the eagle into the wild. if they for some reason can't, for heaven's say, they will keep the eagle and use it to educate people. about the bald eagle, the symbol of our country. >> either way, it sounds like she is going to be just fine. a jewelry store in russia something bad is about to go down. a hero is close at hand. bad guy rushes into the store. has robbery on the mind tosses a bag on the counter, wants the jewelry store worker to toss something into it. guess what? he doesn't get away with it for very long. >> yes. >> kick to the head. almost took it off his shoulders. that person was at the counter first when the individual crow started. he waits for the opportune
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moment and kicks. it got bent on robbing the store. he goes into convulsions an the same man that kicked him dropped on the ground and provides aid to this man while the store clerk is calling 911. >> that was one heck of a kick. it is like he separated his final cord. >> he was turned over to police and the e.r. doctors. this was submitted from a right this minute viewer in san jose, california. imagine the fear when he noticed that somebody is lurking around the house. she has four minutes of video on the security system. multiple views of this guy trying to get into the house. this guy is actually able to get inside the house. was she at home at the time or was she seeing this on a remote surveillance sf. >> she is at home. she is looking at the video on her phone app. she is inside her house. she is on the phone with police from the time she called.
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it takes them five minutes to get there. imagine the violation while you are in the house and the terror. right here he bangs something. he gets spooked and just runs out of the house. police tell us they were setting up a perimeter and he slipped through their net. a day later, a 17-year-old was arrested for burglary in this case. >> this story is going to capture the heart of all my melancholy souls out there. this 102-year-old lady is alice barker. in her day, alice was a chorus line dancer and she danced at clubs such as the apollo, the cotton club the zanzibar club with people like frank sinatra,
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gene kelly and bill "beauojangles" robinson. >> she has seen history. >> is she has never seen herself on camera dancing. >> that's me. that'she song.atsong. >> mark canter from found three of her soundies put them on her ipad and went to where she is at and in bed went to her and started playing them back. her first comment. >> she danced in movies and commercials and tv shows. she never actually got to see those played back for her. ever. at 102, she can look back and see what she was doing in the 30s and 40s.
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a group of riders who with dogged determination caused the ride for real and will have quite the tale to tell. they are performing a rescue on the highway for a little fellow that looks a bit lost. this little dog with his leash attached has run away from his owner and is on a three-lane highway with cars bikes, and everything speeding past. >> i hope it doesn't cross that
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fence and go in the opposite direction. >> that is a very real danger. everyone out here on the role obviously, dog lovers decide to team together and catch that. >> he is quite the slippery little sucker. >> wow, we have a dash cam from a car that is following that bike as well. >> it is really going down the street fast. >> well that dog is little. i think it might have one or two ounces of greyhound. >> he is booking it. >> as the biker gets closer he decides to put his foot down literally. >> put your foot on that leash. >> that's what he is going to do. he manages to get the foot down on the leash. this dog looks like it has run two miles down the street. at least everyone is safe. there was no accident. everybody is together for a good cause. >> good job, everybody. yea, bikers, to the rescue.
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new york city did arguably the most beloved city in the world. it is so easy to miss some of those beautiful moments in that city unless you slow down and take a look like these cinematographers did. a collaborative film puth together by tim sess lechlt er and cameron michael. the diversity and beauty of new york city in little minutes. moments that you would likely miss if you are just speeding through your day in the city rushing to the train and on your way to work. this is what goes on when you just slow down and look a little closer. >> this is beautiful. it is actually giving a face to someone in the city, so busy like new york city. >> you see these people just staring off into the distance. you think, they
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are about. >> in new york city you are taking the time to see someone. >> it shows the universeality of it all. no matter what city you are going to you are going to see people that are different. they really are not. they are the part of a big community. >> a true real emotion. you can see it written all over your face. >> those beautiful moments, otherwise lost if not for the eye of a good cinematographer. they even notice some beauty in the subway. >> a friendly wrap. new yorkers are still familiar with. >> make an appearance. >> take a close look at that gentlemen's wrist right there. that is the sift in question. he says you are go to see something gross. this man has an ganglion cyst. you go to the doctor. you take a needle and this guy is going to self-medicate.
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>> we have the pliers that are going to hold on to the needle. >> which will be smashed into my sift with the end of the screwdriver. >> i love this guy. he goes straight to his tool books. >> he is going to take those pliers and put the needle on top of the ganglion cyst. >> i am ready whenever you are. >> nothing has even happened yet. i am already grossed out. >> if you are grossed out by what you see, there is something wrong with me. i am not grossed out. >> i am so fascinated. i find so much satisfaction in much watching people squeeze stuff out of these things. >> why? >> i don't know. >> we got it out and see the fluid. >> now, they pull out the needle. >> squeeze it. it is like jelly. >> that's so weird. >> that's what's coming out of his cyst. >> good on you, dude for creating that whatever the heck is coming out of your skin. maybe it is time to find out
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what the heck is coming out of your skin. why is that there? >> i am with you. i have never seen anything like that come out. >> if you are brave enough to watch the whole thing, go to our website, or check it out on our mobile app a long boarder experiences -- the. the worst face plant i have ever seen. >> how he is going from riding to road rash. >> and -- >> hi daddy. >> the adorable little lady who is a bit confused. >> da-da. >> no, that's not daddy. >> okay, what gives? bobothth d dririveve f foror a a l living, bobothth l likike e toto s savavee money on car insurance and we both know you may not get ththisis c carar b bacack k inin the same condition. watch your toes. wowo! ! yaya b boyoy..... . geget t itit! sosortrta a yoyou u isisn'n't t yoyou.u. wiwithth d dririvevesesensnse e frfromom esurance, yoyou u cacan n eaearnrn a a pepersrsonalized discount babasesed d onon h howow y youou d dririve nonot t hohow w sosomemeononee sorta like you drives. yoyou'u'llll e eveven n geget t a a discount just for signing up.
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bebeining g frfreeee f froromm dandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue tatargrgetets s dadandndruruffff wiwipipingng o outut flflakes and itch. selslsunun b blulue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandruff. trtry y ununisisomom l liqiquiuid.d. whwhen you can't wind down itit h helelpsps y youou f falall l asasleep quickly anand d wawakeke r refefrereshsheded.. ununisisomom l liqiquiuid.d. a a ststreressssfuful l daday y dedeseserves a restful night. nick, it was just other day that you said, long boarding it is no fun unless people are falling over. a couple of great videos you are going to enjoy. a couple of guys going out on a beautiful day in a really nice
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road for quite a nice ride. you also have to be careful of speed wobble which is coming up in two. lucky, though. not only is he wearing his protective equipment, he has his helmet. he manages to get that and land mostly in the garage. a bit of a face plant. nowhere near as epics a as the worst face plant i have ever seen. this is andrew. oh my gosh. he sanded off his nose. >> he tries to get his feet under him as the camera whips around. you see him go for about six or seven feet purely on his face. so we should also point out, he wasn't wearing any gloves any knee pads and specially no helmet. you can see why this was a bad idea as he is just pouring blood from his face. the problem is he is going to be just fine. there we go ladies and
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gentlemen. you are going to go long boarding, please wear a helmet. according to nicole joseph her 4-year-old son has just gotten done speaking to his dad on the phone. his dad is in the military and in arizona for some training and the little boy was asking him questions like are you in zona? when are you coming home? thinking dad is going to be home in may. it is still april. all of the sudden while he is walking, he hears a familiar voice. >> what are you doing hear? >> he is so confused.
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i was just talking to you on the phone and there you are. >> i can call you that's wonderful. >> he said he surprised us all the time from when his dad returned from deployment and wasn't expecting him. >> absolutely. >> an interesting kind of daddy issue. >> i had, dad. >> that thing she is hugging right there is a mannequin. >> that's not dad. >> that's not mom either. >> sometimes it can just be the show. my kids used to do it all the time. they would be hugging on your jeans and loose concentration and go and hug somebody else's jeans. >> they are wearing man clothes. >> these real estate agents are in for a frightening house tour. >> she starts letting them know
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her bro died there. >> see if they are willing to take on this listing.
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then, well. >> secuck out the air. >> exactly. >> as a real estate agent, when you show up to i aclient's house that you are potentially going to sell you have to expect anything. the real estate agents in this video never saw what happened to them coming. >> good morning. >> so the agents get to the house that they are going to take a look at to see how they
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can sell this house. >> this wasn't my house. it was my brother who suddenly passed away in this house. >> she starts letting them know her bro died there. then it gets really good when they start getting the tour of the house. >> i mean it is such a lot for me to be doing. >> the first reaction was massive. >> marbles start falling through the doors of that cabinet there. >> it would be so fun to be the guy pulling the trigger here. >> the entire house is rigged. you never know what's going to happen. when they get to this other room a dresser falls over. the door closes in front of them. >> as soon as they lock you in somewhere and stuff starts falling and somebody's head starts spinning around that's when you have to go. >> before you know it all kinds of things start happening at the exact same time. >> that guy is going to lose his
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mind. >> the doors on the closets are opening and closing. they make a run for it. >> i feel bad for him. >> only one of them is going to get commission. >> they do eventually reveal to them that this was all a prank, all a promotion for a three-part series on sky living called haunting. it is based on the true story of that apparently has some legit documented paranormal activity. >> there is a ghost in this town. we will see you for the
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